How do I…

… open the gate to enter the Airport areal?

Drop in to the main office. You will have your mobile phone number registered in our security system. Then, to open the door, you will call a specific phone number and cancel the call after few seconds. The gate will open for about 30 seconds an then automatically close.

Where do I find…

… ATM – Cash Machine

There is no ATM/Cash Machine directly in Zbraslavice, to withdraw your money you can choose from Zruc nad Sazavou, which is the nearest larger town (12 km), or Kutna Hora, which is larger and slightly farther (17km).

Between 4th and 15th August, there there will be mobile ATM placed at the airport building.

ATM  Zruc nad Sazavou 49°44’36.126″N, 15°6’13.595″E
ATM Kutna Hora
49°56’59.028″N, 15°15’53.327″E
ATM Zruc nad Sazavou 49°44’35.553″N, 15°5’15.314″E

 … Gas/petrol station

There is a petrol station just at the north end of the runway (RWY 15). To get there, turn left when leaving Airport areal, then turn left – and it is there, just about 200 metres from the crossing.
Opening hours are bacsically every day from 8.00 to 20.00.

… Restaurants

You can find really great and cosy restaurant in Hotel Hubert ( )

It is about 1 km from the airport, parking is free and it is in a walking distance.

Hotel Hubert Zbraslavice 49°48’55.080″N, 15°11’24.606″E

… Tools, hardware, hobby-market

Nearest OBI hobby-market is in kolin, around 30 minutes from the airport. See

OBI Hobby Market, Kolin
50°1’59.487″N, 15°11’17.801″E

… Pharmacy

In case you need to buy any cure or medicament, pharmacy is located in Zbraslavice. See

Pharmacy, Zbraslavice 49°48’39.208″N, 15°11’6.034″E

… Washing machine

Washing machines are in the airport areal and you can use them for free.

… Hospital

In case you need medical treatment, there are hospitals in Kutna Hora ( ), Kolín ( ) or many others in Prague.
If you need any help, please contact any member of staff and they will help you.