Yes, everyone wants to fly and compete. However, to feel comfortable at the competition site, there are several possibilities to relax between or after competition flights – for example…

Kutná Hora – a historical jewel

Historical town of Kutna Hora is with its historical centre one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic.

Regular train goes to the town in just 30 minutes.

Nature around Zbraslavice

A little town Zbraslavice is often starting point of many tourists as it is possible to go nearly any direction and find beautiful and calm nature.

Kacov Brewery

Kacov Brewery is a famous brewery producing various types of lager beer. It is possible to see the whole process as well as taste beer directly from the producer at the stylish pub! Just 20 minutes by car.

Prague – the capital

Well, slightly further to the north-west, there lies the biggest Czech hotspot – capital city of Prague. With its historical centre, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Vltava river, and many theaters, it is a great place to go when there is lot of time to spend… Hopefully weather will not permit that too much! 🙂