Zbraslavice Airport (ICAO: LKZB) is located 1,5 km North of the small city of Zbraslavice, near the main motorway nr. 126. between the city of Zbraslavice and Štipoklasy village in Central Bohemia. The airfield may be used by light aircraft, helicopters, gliders and ultralights. The keeper is civic society Aeroclub Zbraslavice. Zbraslavice airport is the synonym for superior gliding conditions among pilots and fans of aviation sports worldwide. Therefore the airport is a place where a number of national and international competitions is held and a lot of pilots from the Czech Republic use the airfield as training base.

The airport is equipped to handle VFR (Visual Flight Rules) traffic and is situated on the southern border of the TMA Čáslav Military Airport. During the take-off one should respect the fact that the runway 15 is slightly uphill and the take off distance increases, landing the opposite way “downhill” on RWY 33 increases the landing distance of the arriving aircraft. Throughout the year the wind blows in perpendicular direction to the RWY’s. Sometimes with light SE winds RWY 33 (down hill) is used. In such case aircraft take off with light tail wind and land on opposite RWY 15 with headwind. During the spring and summer gliding season the airfield host many sailplanes, therefore the traffic becomes quite dense.

To aviation or non-aviation public the airfield offers sightseeing flights on gliders and powered aircraft, and space for flying models, technical and social background (hangars, swimming pool, playground, restaurant and accommodation).


Airport type Civil Public
Operator Aeroklub Zbraslavice
Location 0.8 kilometres (0.50 mi) N from Zbraslavice
Elevation AMSL 1,322 ft / 493 m
Coordinates 49.8141375°N, 15.2017014°E
49°48.84825′N, 15°12.10208′E
49°48’50.895″N, 15°12’6.125″E
Runway 15/33, 780 m/2.560 feet, Grass